3D-COCO is a dataset composed of MS COCO images with 3D models aligned on each instance. 3D-COCO was designed to achieve computer vision tasks such as 3D reconstruction or image detection configurable with textual, 2D image, and 3D CAD model queries.

3D-COCO is an extension of the original MS-COCO dataset providing 3D models and 2D-3D alignment annotations. We complete the existing MS-COCO dataset with 28K 3D models collected on ShapeNet and Objaverse. By using an IoU-based method, we match each MS-COCO annotation with the best 3D models to provide a 2D-3D alignment.

The zip file contains the original COCO dataset, the 3D models, the enriched annotations files with the models as well as the code to obtain such annotations with any image and 3D CAD