AI for videosurveillance

Since 2008, the CEA has been collaborating with THALES for the development of new intelligent video surveillance systems. The algorithms ensure in real time :

  • the visual tracking and re-identification of people in video streams,

  • the detection of abnormal behaviour,

  • the interaction between people and objects, and between people.

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

These technologies are also of great interest for the analysis of massive video data in limited time for police investigations. These technologies also allow for the automatic detection and classification of objects on satellite images.

Natural language processing for massive analysis of multi-source information

The CEA List develops Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools for intelligence support, social network analysis and privacy protection. Thanks to their capacity for in-depth analysis of very large quantities of data written in natural language, these tools enable the structuring and monitoring of data.


AI for for decision support and planning

Technologies for the 3D reconstruction of a theater of military operations, using an optical sensor embedded on a person, a vehicle or a UAV.


The CEA List participates in the Challenge Malin (MAîtrise de la Localisation Indoor) : autonomous localization for security personnel working in disturbed places with no GPS signal

Space application