Opensource, smart annotation tool for computer vision applications


Multilingual Linguistic Analyser available under a dual (free and proprietary) licensing model.


DAHLIA : DAily Human Life Activity

DAHLIA dataset is devoted to human activity recognition, which is a major issue for adapting smart-home services such as user assistance.

MEL: Multimedia Entity Linking

A method to build your own dataset for Multimedia Entity Linlink (and an example with 85,000 samples)

CCIHP : Characterized Crowd Instance-level Human Parsing

CCIHP dataset is devoted to fine-grained description of people in the wild with localized & characterized semantic attributes. It contains 20 attribute classes and 20 characteristic classes split into 3 categories (size, pattern and color).

FALLMUD : FAscicle Lower Leg Muscle Ultrasound Dataset

FALLMUD is composed of 812 ultrasound images of lower leg muscles with fascicles and aponeuroses masks.

H²O: Human-to-Human-or-Object Interaction Dataset

H²O is an image dataset devoted to interactions detection. H²O is annotated with a new taxonomy of verbs including both human-to-object and human-to-human interactions.

Rugby Sevens Tracking Dataset

Our dataset is composed of three 40 seconds extracts of matches from the World Rugby 2021 Dubai tournament. Each video clip is annotated with tracking data.