Opensource, smart annotation tool for computer vision applications


Multilingual Linguistic Analyser available under a dual (free and proprietary) licensing model.


DAHLIA : DAily Human Life Activity

DAHLIA dataset is devoted to human activity recognition, which is a major issue for adapting smart-home services such as user assistance.

MEL: Multimedia Entity Linking

A method to build your own dataset for Multimedia Entity Linlink (and an example with 85,000 samples)

CCIHP : Characterized Crowd Instance-level Human Parsing

CCIHP dataset is devoted to fine-grained description of people in the wild with localized & characterized semantic attributes. It contains 20 attribute classes and 20 characteristic classes split into 3 categories (size, pattern and color).

FALLMUD : FAscicle Lower Leg Muscle Ultrasound Dataset

FALLMUD is composed of 812 ultrasound images of lower leg muscles with fascicles and aponeuroses masks.

H²O: Human-to-Human-or-Object Interaction Dataset

H²O is an image dataset devoted to interactions detection. H²O is annotated with a new taxonomy of verbs including both human-to-object and human-to-human interactions.